It’s Complicated

It’s complicated Because we made it a complication Pssht, we haven’t even made it! But this is part of the contribution ‘Should we be together?’ is like a forum of negotiation ‘Do you love me for me, or am I just a fascination? I’ll stop talking fast, let’s take it slow motion.   Day 1 when you took me for the walk, I thought that was our first date A few days in, I felt like your best-mate I’m a bit confused; see the number one is now harder to pronunciate Are we more than friends, or are we ‘friends-who … Continue reading It’s Complicated

Talk it out Thursdays 5.25.2017

Why I started TOT (Talk it Out Thursdays) Cause honestly I can’t keep it all inside. If I could diagnose myself, my personality and my life as a whole I’d pick bipolar and if you know me well then you’re probably nodding your head.   The whole idea started on May, 25th 2017. I was on my way to work and was not feeling hopeful in any way and I thought to myself who could be feeling the exact same way I am, this beautiful morning? Who seems to have woken up questioning their importance on this dreaded matter we … Continue reading Talk it out Thursdays 5.25.2017

who is Koi Kimani?

Cynthia Wangui Kimani who prefers to be addressed as Koi Kimani is one loving soul. She is a poet as well as a musician. Inspired at the age of 12 by her twin sister (Chance) she took an interest. Koi Kimani studied Literature in her O level and started writing her pieces at the age of 18. In the process she also wrote Spoken word art pieces and in so doing started performing when she was 19years. Koi’s inspirations are Adrienne Rich, Shakespeare and Allen Curnow; to name but a few. She has been a guest on Kenya Broadcasting Chanel … Continue reading who is Koi Kimani?

Thief at night

come steal it now come choke my throat and take it away from me all day I longed for it and when the shines of the sun glittered no more it came in abundance No! curse this thief of the night come rob me of my energy, come torture me to a dark world come destroy the beauty in the lamp light that stands across me thief of the night I beg of you, borrow my awakening wonderous brain just for the witching hours and grant me SLEEP thief at night by Koi Kimani Continue reading Thief at night

I fell for the wrong man

I fell for a man I fell for a tall man I fell for a tall gorgeous man I fell for a tall gorgeous man with big eyes and soft lips I fell for a tall gorgeous man with big eyes, soft lips and a tender heart He was  a manly man, he wasn’t scared to fight he even had a scar I fell for a rich man, he had a car   REWIND She fell for a man She fell for a tall man; had to tip-toe to give him a hug She fell for a tall gorgeous man; … Continue reading I fell for the wrong man