It’s Complicated

It’s complicated

Because we made it a complication

Pssht, we haven’t even made it!

But this is part of the contribution

‘Should we be together?’ is like a forum of negotiation

‘Do you love me for me, or am I just a fascination?

I’ll stop talking fast, let’s take it slow motion.


Day 1 when you took me for the walk, I thought that was our first date

A few days in, I felt like your best-mate

I’m a bit confused; see the number one is now harder to pronunciate

Are we more than friends, or are we ‘friends-who date’?

I manned up and asked the question; tried to communicate

But you just wouldn’t burg; you were like a metallic gate

I reflect and imagine how better it would be if I didn’t procrastinate

Maybe I’d even have found myself a soul-mate



See when people ask, “Are y’all dating?”

I can’t help but wonder if they’re being real or are they just hating?

So I smile and keep my hands waving

Hopefully they’ll understand what I’m insinuating


Frankly, I don’t understand; what’s so hard with a title?

You make it seem like calling you MY man like loading a bullet to a rifle

At the moment I’m exhausted there’s clearly no consistent cycle

“We can make conversation with other people’ you said; but anytime you see me with a man you go all psycho!


What in the world are you waiting for?

Ask me to be your girl or I’ll simply walk out that door.

I’m tired of feeling like a whore

I also want to cuddle; I need more way much more


It’s complicated

Because we made it a complication

But I never made any contradictions

I just sat there and made my observations


But you can’t see it, you don’t know my tribulations

But here I am, pouring my heart to my diary and releasing all my emotions


-No strings attached-

Never worked for us

But neither of us wanted to say the ‘L’ word first

So we kept on at it; on and off texts and chats

But today I’ll speak up

I’m dropping the act

I love you and that’s just that


Let me simplify our complication

I’m through

We’re done!


Koi Kimani




Talk it Out Thursdays ToT

It’s been a year and counting since I uploaded on my social media; YouTube, Blogging, Music, Poetry, Art and the many more projects that you can think of. I can make excuses on end on why I procrastinated for so long or tell y’all about my anxiety and my extreme self criticism but I won’t go there. (unless you actually want to hear it). But the message is; I’m back and I’m staying.

Soo Talk it out Thursdays (stories unfold) is a series I want to introduce to you. It will entail personal friends, family and koireaders’ stories  that have been given to me. The story teller gives the  go-ahead on whether or not I can share their stories without disclosing their names and changing those of their partners or characters .



After reading some of the stories, you may be interested in sharing your stories. You need to know this first, once you share your story with me, I will share it as I have understood it, this may not be so pleasant to your ears but many have thanked me in my honesty as my view is very different from theirs, and in turn they get to learn how to look at their situation(s) differently. Others, as would be expected were saddened by how I “narrate” their stories as they felt as if I sided with the villain but are still okay with me sharing it, as their details, names and location (upon request) are altered. (I can’t wait to releases the first story this coming Wednesday, can’t wait to hear y’alls’

responses) So feel like you still want to share? Feel free to drop me your story on email via: (2 I’s- cause I’m an icon living) You don’t have to write down your story, you can also send a voicenote on the same or we can meet up for coffee and simply talk.

If you’re wondering what kind of stories I want to hear, it’s anything you deem important or story worthy. From life hacks to your dim past to your exes and your weight loss journey. Feel free and talk to me.

I plan to have a weekly upload on here every Wednesday until further notice.

Feel free to comment your thoughts and feelings. I take both compliments and criticism. See y’all in t-2days. Indulge!



Tembea Na Tisho is an initiative that began with street families’ interests at heart. It focusses on the ‘mwananchi’ ordinary man walking around with a decent item of clothing and distributing the same with utmost respect to street families and needy people that you come across. It’s all about helping to better the lives of street families in the simplest of ways.

Founded in the year 2018 by Wangui Kimani, a Kenyan Youth, the initiative was brought to the public eye on 27th January of the same year.

#TTshirt AIM

Changing the perception of street families from dirty, unwanted and lazy people to unlucky humans who need your assistance.

#TTshirt GOAL

Change the face of street families and better their current living conditions by providing warm and comfortable clothing and possibly moving them to better living conditions.



There’s many reasons why I started #TTshirt the two main reasons being

  • Need to Help: I’ve never felt like I give enough and sometimes even beat myself up with the realization that I have not helped every needy person. Having people not only nationally but also internationally participating gives me a feeling of joy that I just might reach to every needy person out there.
  • Excuses and procrastination: whether it’s “I’ll visit a children’s home soon” or “I’ll hand out my clothes to the children’s homes/charity”… most times we end up procrastinating and with TembeaNaTisho there’s no set date to walk around with a tshirt it could even be after you read this. The best part is, if you forget to do it today, do it today and tomorrow and the days to come.
  • Genuine needy people: A number of individuals are opposed to handing the needy money claiming that they will buy illicit and harmful substances and consume. The “mwananchi” in turn walks past the fellow human being and hands them nothing in return even if they felt they needed to help in one way or another. TembeaNaTisho doesn’t have to be a tshirt, it could be the extra bag of fries you ordered and you know you won’t even have them… my reasoning is, instead of throw it away, hand it over to a hungry child/man.
  • Lacking money: There are many days when individuals do not have any coin or change to spare, and although they feel the need to help they don’t know how else they can assist the street families. Picture that cool hoodie you got on sale the other day but doesn’t fit you, so you look at it every morning as you change and wish ooh how good it would look on you, my take, hand it over to a needy person. You haven’t used any extra amount of money, you simply kept another person warm for a couple more nights by gifting them your hoodie.

#TembeaNaTisho can take place on any day. You don’t need to part with a dime & a child sleeps warm for a couple of days.


In a span of 2 weeks of the initiative being made public I managed to spread the #TTshirt message to friends and strangers from Malaysia, South Africa, United Kingdom and India. A month down the line and I had spread the same to friends in United States of America and Ethiopia.

A few more months and I believe more and more countries will be added to this list and will take part in distribution of clothes to needy persons in their country.



Watch more about TembeaNaTisho on my YouTube Channel.


  1. Walk around with an item of clothing or wear it could be a decent shirt or T-shirt, maybe even a pair of shoes and distribute the same to needy people in a polite and respectful manner.
  2. Share and spread the word as well as posts to friends, family and strangers on all your social media platforms. (You’ll be amazed by the numbers of people who view your content and how fast the good word will spread.)
  3. Share ideas with me on how we can better these individual’s living conditions or who you think I can partner with.
  4. Send contributions to my MPESA. I’m purchasing new shirts for the families with the money I receive. I also sell T-shirts and all proceeds go to buying new clothing items for the street families.



  • GAL 6: 9-10A And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men.
  • Mother Teresa:
    • If you judge people, you have no time to love them
    • It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.: Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.


They see me

I don’t see myself.


They hear me

They don’t listen.


They found me

I wasn’t lost.


They screamed at me

All I heard was silence.


I cry

They see a smile.


I left

They don’t know why.


I see them

They don’t see me.


25. Oct. 2016.

who is Koi Kimani?


Cynthia Wangui Kimani who prefers to be addressed as Koi Kimani is one loving soul. She is a poet as well as a musician. Inspired at the age of 12 by her twin sister (Chance) she took an interest.

Koi Kimani studied Literature in her O level and started writing her pieces at the age of 18. In the process she also wrote Spoken word art pieces and in so doing started performing when she was 19years.

Koi’s inspirations are Adrienne Rich, Shakespeare and Allen Curnow; to name but a few. She has been a guest on Kenya Broadcasting Chanel (KBC) Angaza Show to talk about her journey as a poet and her message. She has performed at Poems on Walls, An Evening of Afro Jazz, Poetry Slam Africa and Word Sessions.

Koi’s creative writing has inspired many and normally leaves the crowd replicating, evaluating and questioning their life decisions. From politics, to agape love you will not miss a beneficial read.


Koi Kimani




Thief at night

come steal it now
come choke my throat and take it away from me
all day I longed for it and when the shines of the sun glittered no more it came in abundance
No! curse this
thief of the night come rob me of my energy,
come torture me to a dark world
come destroy the beauty in the lamp light that stands across me
thief of the night I beg of you, borrow my awakening wonderous brain just for the witching hours and grant me SLEEP

thief at night by Koi Kimani

I fell for the wrong man

I fell for a man

I fell for a tall man

I fell for a tall gorgeous man

I fell for a tall gorgeous man with big eyes and soft lips

I fell for a tall gorgeous man with big eyes, soft lips and a tender heart

He was  a manly man, he wasn’t scared to fight he even had a scar

I fell for a rich man, he had a car



She fell for a man

She fell for a tall man; had to tip-toe to give him a hug

She fell for a tall gorgeous man; you could tell by the way he looked at her

She fell for a tall gorgeous man with big eyes; she saw through them as he stared at her

She fell for a tall gorgeous man with big eyes and soft lips; lips that kissed her sweetly and tender

She fell for a tall gorgeous man with big eyes, soft lips and a tender heart

She fell for her dad

The only man she ever loved, a manly man

A man who wasn’t scared to fight for her mother’s love; when the wrong man came by he  left him with a scar

She fell for a rich man; watched her father drive off in his car




I fell for a man

I fell for a tall man

I fell for a tall gorgeous man

I fell for a tall gorgeous man with big eyes

I fell for a tall gorgeous man with big eyes and soft lips; I reminisce my lips on his

I fell for a tall gorgeous man with big eyes, soft lips and a tender heart; a husband, a father

I fell for a manly man, he wasn’t scared to fight, I remember how he beat up his wife in front of me and how she threw the knife at him; he even had a scar

I fell for a rich man, I waited for him and we drove off; he had a car




©Koi Kimani